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Google Security Guards Organizing

News Topic News – A suspended employee of the subcontractor handling security at Google’s Lenoir facility is attempting to organize a labor union (Security Union) over grievances against the security company (G4S Security).

Bob Navarro, an employee of G4S, is working with the Law Enforcement Officers Security Unions (LEOSU), to create a local union affiliate.

Navarro said he is currently suspended with pay by G4S after writing an eight-page letter to the security company with a list of complaints and a confrontation with his supervisor that followed.

He said the grievances included altering of time cards to avoid overtime, lack of uniforms, difficulty getting time off and lack of written procedures.

“Its one ridiculous situation after another” Navarro said ” So I started looking at starting a union. Google has been great. This has nothing to do with Google.

LEOSU’s Steve Maritas said G4S’s suspension of Navarro violates “wistleblower” protection statutes.

Navarro said he has posted signups, scheduled organizing meetings and attempted to recruit co-workers. Navarro said he has been suspended with pay since March 25 pending an “independent investigation” though his pay rate has also been cut from $13 an hour to $12.

Troy Dukes, the operations manager at G4S Greensboro, did not return a phone call or answer an e-mail request for comment. Google’s Lenoir operations manager, Enoch Moeller, referred questions to Googles public relations firm in Raleigh, who did not respond to a request for comment.

According to its website, G4S has around 610,000 employees and operations in more than 100 countries.

Navarro said G4S cited his refusal to sign a document requiring him to find his own substitute for time off, his failure to pass work tests and his absence at “retaining” when suspending him.

Navarro has said he has filed complaints with the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) and Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.

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Looking to Join a Law Enforcement Union? Contact LEOSU Organizing Director Steve Maritas Today!

LEOSU Organizing Director Steve Maritas, confirmed Navarro is leading LEOSU efforts to organize G4S employees at Google. ” We’re in the organizing process” Maritas said. ” These guys are not getting the RESPECT they deserve from their supervisors.

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