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SPFPA, SPFPA Corruption, SPFPA Joe McCray, SPFPA Union,

SPFPA Region 4 Vice President Joseph (little man) McCray a Wannabe Gangster is Charged with Threatening One of its Members at Catholic University.

Washington DC, Catholic University of America. On 9/16/18 the Law Enforcement Officers Security Unions LEOSU-DC has filed federal charges on behalf of  Nicholas Bouknight a SPFPA member @ Catholic University who is leading the charge to decertify the SPFPA Union (see RD Petition)  after they failed to properly service this shop and its failure to negotiate a new SPFPA contact which expired back on May 31, 2018.

See enclosed NLRB charge.

See enclosed supporting evidence 

SPFPA, SPFPA Corruption, SPFPA Joe McCray, SPFPA Union, Catholic University

The above threat is supported by the International Union, Security Police & Fire Professionals of America SPFPA,Constitution & ByLaws as noted below.

By their plain language and as reasonably interpreted the other below articles violate § 8(b)(1)(A): Art. XXI § Section 1 illegally threatens discipline for “engaging in conduct unbecoming a member of the Union” “Conduct unbecoming a Union member may include actions involving disaffiliation or decertification proceedings or the instigation thereof.”

Art. XXI § Section 13 illegally threatens discipline for “conduct unbecoming a member”.

Art. XXI § Section 14 illegally threatens discipline for “In any case in which it shall appear to the International President that a member or members have engaged in a conspiracy to commit an offense against this International Union, or in those cases where a member or members have caused or instigated disaffiliation or decertification proceedings, the International President may perfer charges against such member or members of this International Union for violation of this Constitution and ByLaws or for conduct unbecoming a member of this International Union.”

Art. XXXI § Initiation Ceremony, illegally threatens discipline for “bringing reproach upon my Union.”

The above threat as noted in SPFPA’s Constitution and Bylaws not only threatens Nicholas Bouknight Section 7 rights,but all of its members.

The SPFPA has a long history of Corruption and Embezzlement see enclosed SPFPA Corruption documents and has been the subject of numerous department of labor investigations.   Also see YouTube Videos.