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The duties of a police officer, also known as a law enforcement officer, focus on protecting people and property. They patrol the areas they are assigned, which sometimes include entire jurisdictions, respond to calls, enforce laws, make arrests, issue citations, and occasionally testify in court cases.

Today state and local law enforcement agencies employed more than 1.1 million people on a full-time basis, including about 765,000 sworn personnel (defined as those with general arrest powers).

In addition to the above the U.S. Department of Labor statistics claims that there are over 1.1 million private security guards in the U.S. today. This number includes special police officers, protective service officers and federal contract guards.

While the private security industry numbers 1.1 million people, very few of these private security professionals are unionized and today there are less than a dozen security police and law enforcement unions in the United States who specialize in and are certifiable by the National Labor Relations Board to represent private security professionals.

The Law Enforcement officers security Unions LEOSU, LEOS-PBA is the authority of law enforcement unions, that is certifiable by the NLRB to represent any type of private security professional within the security industry. Whether you work at a federal facility or building in Washington DC, New York, California, or you work at a correctional facility, nuclear facility, airport, casino, hospital or mall the Law Enforcement Officers Unions LEOSU can and will be able to represent you and your fellow officers.

Presently, the LEOSU represents the following locations. the Department of homeland security, federal law enforcement training center, NASA HQ, DOT, FAA, TSA, FDIC, National Transportation Safety Board, Hospitals and Georgetown University just to mention a few. So if you’re in need of Real Union representation please contact LEOSU at 1-800-516-0094 or visit our website at http://www.leosu.org or http://www.leosudc.org


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Law Enforcement Officers Security Unions (LEOSU) America’s fastest growing 9(b)3 Security Union For Law Enforcement Security Police, Special Police, Security Guards, Security Officers & Security Professionals in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Washington DC Capitol Region and throughout the Northeast.