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94 Exelon Nuclear Security Officers working at Clinton Nuclear Power Station in Clinton Illinois Voted Union YES to Join NUNSO / LEOSU Family Despite the Union Busting Rat Tactics by the Corrupt SPFPA Union.

Clinton Illinois January 17, 2019 & January 18, 2019. Ninety four (94) Exelon Clinton nuclear security officers had their voices heard when they voted to be represented by the National Union of Nuclear Security Officers NUNSO a division of LEOSU. The National Union of Nuclear Security Officers NUNSO, is the only Nuclear Security Union in the United States that specializes in the exclusive representation of Nuclear Security Officers for the purposes of mutual aid & protection as well as collective bargaining.

NUNSO was founded by three Exelon Braidwood nuclear security officers, Victor Nichols, Joe Thompson and Jesse Wordlaw who saw a need to form a real nuclear security union that only focuses on representing nuclear security officers.

During this campaign our union not only had to combat the employer, Exelon, but we also had to combat the incumbent union SEIU Local 1 who was prohibited from being on the ballot based on Section 9(b)3 of the Act, because they are a mixed guard union, as well as SPFPA who had intentionally and maliciously  interfered in our election. Both the Employer, SEIU Local 1 and SPFPA openly ran a vote NO Union-Busting campaign, with SPFPA leading the charge by producing several Union-Busting Rat Union YouTube vote NO videos, which were texted anonymously to these Exelon Clinton nuclear security officers.

In the end these Exelon Clinton nuclear security officers were not fooled by these SPFPA union busting rat union tactics by the corrupt  SPFPA  union and intern voted YES to join NUNSO / LEOSU. We wish to welcome these 94 Exelon Clinton nuclear security officers to the NUNSO / LEOSU family.

Presently, Exelon has 5 other Nuclear facilities in the area which includes Byron Generating StationLaSalle County Generating Station, Dresden Generating Station, Quad Cities Generating Station and Braidwood Generating Station. Over the next few months the Union is planning to reach out to the other nuclear security officers at each facility as a way to build greater strength, solidarity and better communication among the Exelon officers.

Clinton Power Station, Nuclear Security Officers, NUNSO

Clinton Power Station Nuclear Officers Stand United with NUNSO Braidwood Generating Station founders. We are very excited to achieve the wages, benefits and respect our fellow Exelon officers deserve noted Nichols, Thompson and Wordlaw.