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The National Labor Relations Board Order Approving Withdrawal and Order Revoking SPFPA’s Certification as the exclusive bargaining representative of all full-time and part-time armed and unarmed security specialist at the Russell Knox Building, located in Quantico, VA working for Hana Industries, inc.

Letter from SPFPA President David L. Hickey Disclaiming Interest in the Security Specialists working for Hana Industries, Inc at the Russell Knox Building, located in Quantico, VA. SPFPA disclaimed interest in this particular group after the Law Enforcement Security Officers LEOSU-DC filed an election to represent these 55 officers. SPFPA who feared another defeat against LEOSU-DC chose to disclaim interest rather then face LEOSU-DC head to head in a NLRB election. SPFPA’s decision to withdraw its interest effective immediately, leaving these officers high and dry, now causes these security specialists to become non-union employees until such a time the NLRB conducts a new election whereby the LEOSU-DC had petitioned for.


Most recently SPFPA Organizing Director Dwayne Bedford Phillips, has lost several union elections throughout the country, including Jefferson University Hospital, fourteen (14) state universities throughout Pennsylvania, Cape Cod Hospital, Georgetown University and Law Center and Catholic University in Washington DC just to name a few.

SPFPA is also facing another Decertification election this time at the Federal Communications Commission FCC filed by the Governed United Security Professionals in Washington DC. Omniplex World Services Corporation, is the present employer at this location.