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SPFPA, casino Cleveland Ohio

A Special Shout Out to The Casino Security Officers working @ Jack’s Casino in Cleveland Ohio. These Local 141 Officers were told to remove their Union’s Logo from their Local Union Website and threatened with legal action if they refused to adhere to their security unions threats. So with that said they replaced all their security union logos with a family of ELEPHANTS shown above. In addition Local 141 placed our LEOSU banner on its website.

Gordon A. Gregory, General Counsel Issues “CEASE and DESIST” Warning To Davies-Tight and Threatens Legal Action


Gordon A. Gregory, General Counsel Issues “CEASE and DESIST” Warning to Davies-Tight and Threatens Legal Action

The Law Enforcement Officers Security Unions LEOSU stands in solidarity with Local 141 and its members and if called upon, we will use our full resources to help protect you.  

Union President Davies Reluctantly Resigns

Jack Cleveland Casino is a casino in downtown Cleveland, Ohio, owned and operated by Jack Entertainment.

Source: https://localunion141.com/ 


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