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LEOSU-DC, CHENEGA, TSA HQ, ratification of union contract

175 Chenega Security Officers @ TSA HQ and Various Sites Vote YES to Ratify Their New CBA which includes 7 Sick Days, Substantial Yearly Raises, Strong Language & The Right To Keep Their H&W In Cash

Arlington Virginia – After a long battle to negotiate their first collective bargaining agreement the 175 Chenega security officers finally achieved what they set out to do. Get a fair LEOSU-DC contract they can be proud of.

Chenaga TSA HQ Negotiations, Chenega Bargaining committee

Chenaga TSA Officers Ron Little & John Davis review Union contract documents as we prepare to give the company a counter offer

* Some of the highlights of the contract include getting back the health and welfare which was taken away from them after Chenega was awarded the contract back in May.

* All full-time employees will now receive 7 sick days which theses Chenega TSA security officers never received under its prior collective bargaining agreement with its previous security union.

* Yearly wage increases of $1.00 in the first year of the contract plus an additional $0.95 cents and $0.75 thereafter.

* Herndon, Va which was not part of the previous CBA will now be brought up to the highest wage rate giving these officers a $5.33 cent raise plus the health & welfare paid in cash.

*Strong language protecting their rights which includes: Officers won’t be held over more than 4 hours unless they agree to stay the entire 8 hrs.

* Any DCR’s must be given to an affected Officer no later than 5 days after the alleged offense.

* Vets will be allowed to waive the company coverage if they show proof of VA healthcare.

* Stronger Seniority rights which now will protect these Chenega TSA security officers.

* Federal Mediation has now been added to the Grievance & Arbitration clause to resolve grievances more quickly.

* And a number of other language changes which will protect the rights & dignity of these Chenega TSA security officers.

We wish to thank the negotiating committee and our Local 306 members for ratifying their new LEOSU-DC CBA.


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