Alaska Security Guard License Requirements



Alaska Security Guard License Requirements

State Security Licensing Authorities:


In order to be eligible to receive a license, each applicant must be

  • at least 18 years of age;
  • neither addicted to nor dependent on alcohol, narcotics, or other drugs;
  • an individual without a conviction, within 10 years before the date of application, for any crime classified as a felony in this state or another jurisdiction at the time the crime was committed, unless a full pardon has been granted; and
  • not suffering from any psychopathic condition or mental illness impairing the powers of memory, reason, judgment, or perception.
  • Applicants must furnish information certifying that they meet the insurance or bond requirements specified in 13 AAC 60.120.

Upon approval of the application, a license identification card will be issued to the licensee with the form and content of the card prescribed by the licensing department. The license identification card remains the property of the state. One license identification card will be issued to each individual eligible to receive it. The licensee may not permit another individual to use or possess the license identification card.
Armed security guard license
For an armed security guard license, the requirements of an unarmed security guard must be met.  An applicant for an armed security guard license must affirm that the applicant has not been and is not now disqualified from possessing a firearm, including as a condition of probation or parole; have obtained from an instructor certified as required under 13 AAC 60.110(f) , at least eight hours of pre-assignment training in the use of firearms in compliance with state and federal statutes and regulations; handling firearms; the safety and maintenance of firearms; and demonstrate competence with any firearm that may be issued to the applicant.  If a licensee fails to maintain competence with that firearm during an annual practice firing review, that individual’s license as an armed security guard is subject to revocation.
State Licensing Application


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