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Maryland Armed Security Guard Licensing Requirements

The position of an armed security guard in Maryland while important is also one that requires licensing that will open job positions in many different areas. This is an employment position where the armed security guard is able to protect property from theft, vandalism, and even terrorism after completing the required training.
The opportunities for employment in this field include hospitals, schools, local government offices and other business settings. There are some stipulations that must be followed to apply for an armed security guard license, including submitting to finger printing and a criminal background check as per code
The other requirements for applying for an armed security guard license are:

  • An application must be filled out and include the fee required, this application must include all the information that is asked for in order to be approved and a license granted.
  • There will need to be two 1 ½ inch pictures submitted with the application.
  • Fingerprints will need to be submitted that are legible and on standard fingerprint cards, along the fee for the fingerprint records check. The fingerprint cards are provided by the Maryland State Police.

There are prior convictions that can keep a person in Maryland from certification and employment as an armed security guard and they are:

  • Felony convictions that include crimes of violence such as abduction, arson, burglary, housebreaking, kidnapping, manslaughter and murder.
  • People that have been convicted of habitual drunkenness or rape.
  • The armed security guard can be denied due to falsification of application information.

The employment opportunities that are available to the person that is a certified armed security guard in the state of Maryland are wide and can only be taken advantage of after completing training that includes:

  • Investigative techniques
  • Observation skills
  • Report writing
  • Health and safety
  • Emergency response
  • Communication skills
  • Fire arms training

The opportunities for jobs that are available to the certified armed security guard include:

  • Hospitals
  • Schools
  • Government offices
  • Private armed security duty
  • Private business security
  • Property security

These are a sample of the employment opportunities in the state of Maryland that are open to the armed security guard, along with others that the training and state certification can open the door too. The reason these positions are open for the armed security guard is due to the training, background check and the certification that shows employers the person holding these is prepared to handle any situation properly.