Wisconsin Security Guards Licensing Requirements

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Wisconsin Unarmed Security Guards Licensing Requirements

State Security Licensing Authorities: Wisconsin

Wisconsin Security Guard License

An applicant for a permit as a private security person may be granted a permit, if the applicant:

  • Must be 18 years of age
  • Subject to ss.111.321, 111.322 and 111.335, Stats., does not have an arrest or conviction record involving a misdemeanor or a violation, as defined in s. 440.26(4m), Wisc. Stats.
  • Has not been convicted in this state or elsewhere of a felony, unless pardoned.
  • Is not a user of drugs or alcohol to an extent dangerous to the applicant or others or to an extent which would impair the applicant’s ability to responsibly perform private security activities.
  • Does not have a physical, emotional or mental condition that might adversely affect the applicant’s ability to responsible perform private security activities.
  • Digital fingerprints are required
  • Complete the Application for Private Security Permit (form #2271) and all required documentation.

Your completed application, fee, Authorization for Release of FBI Information (form #2687), and a recent photograph of your head and shoulders must be submitted to the Department within 14 days after submission of your fingerprints. If there is no criminal background history and all supporting documents have been submitted, a private security permit will be issued.  If the search reveals a criminal background, the applicant will be requested to submit further information or a Notice of Denial will be sent as appropriate.


  • $ 53.00 Initial permit fee
  • $ 6.00 CIB background check
  • $ 10.00 Temporary permit
  • $ 69.00 Total fee

A separate permit must be obtained in order to carry a firearm (see Firearm Permit).

Firearms Permit – Licensing

To apply for a Firearms Permit, applicant must complete the required application and all required documents for the type of permit you are applying for and complete the training required and submit certification to the Department.

Applicants for a firearms permit must have completed training by a Department-approved certifier of at least 36 hours in the handling and use of the firearm. No examination is required, but an applicant must present a certificate from a Department-approved firearms proficiency certifier indicating that the applicant has successfully completed the training and is proficient in the care, handling and use of a specific type or types of firearms. The certificates to verify training are provided to approved certifiers by the Department, and contain the date, time of day, number of hours and the location where the training was completed. The permit to carry a firearm will be mailed to the agency which employs the individual trained and approved for the certificate of proficiency.

Common Denial Reason: History of criminal conviction. Federal laws prohibit convicted felons (unless pardoned) and some others from carrying a firearm. Convictions of crimes or pending charges may be grounds for denial of license if the circumstances of the conviction or charge are substantially related to professional practice.

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