New York Security Guards Licensing Requirements


New York Unarmed Security Guards Licensing Requirements

State Security Licensing Authorities: New York

New York Unarmed Security Guards Licensing Requirements

In the state of New York to obtain an unarmed security guard license there set regulations by the New York Division of Criminal Justice Services, Office of Public Safety. These regulations in statute 33-9032 state that the unarmed security guard will need eight hours of training at a certified training center and then will need sixteen hours of on the job training.

The New York State Department of State Division of Licensing Services, issues the unarmed security guard license and the license is issued after the requirements are met, as well as fingerprinting and the background check. The permanent license when issued will need to be renewed every two years. The New York State Department of Licensing Services will also require proof each year that the applicant has taken an eight-hour training course at a certified facility. These requirements to obtain a license include completing the specified amount of training along with others:

  • The person applying for a New York state unarmed security license must be at least 18 years of age.
  • They will submit to fingerprinting
  • Submit to an FBI style background check
  • Have no convictions for serious crimes or felonies
  • Their eight hours of certified training and sixteen hours of on the job training must be completed.

The training that is to be completed at a New York certified training facility will include items that will help to prepare the unarmed security guard to perform their duties properly once employed in the security sector.

  • Legal issues are covered that can occur on the job.
  • How to properly deal with the public and crowd control.
  • Detaining suspects
  • Use of force limits
  • Emergency training for first aid
  • Emergency training for fire
  • Counter terrorism and homeland security education

The training for the unarmed security guard will help the person taking the course to be prepared in emergency situations and in dealing with the public. This includes the legal implications that could arise in some situations. This training makes it possible for the unarmed security guard to stop criminal activity without alarming the general public, handling medical emergencies until paramedics arrive and reporting to official agencies in a professional manner. The training will include written reports that will need to be used in daily work assignments and when making reports for interaction with fire and police departments. The sixteen hours of on the job training are to train the applicant in the environment they will be working in and the methods of security will be used.

The trained and licensed unarmed security guard is qualified for employment in several different types of employment in the state of New York. These include retail stores, libraries, apartment buildings, hotels, and other public places.

In cases where the unarmed security guard has not been employed for an extended amount of time and when hired receives the sixteen hours of on the job training. The eight-hour training course is required by the state to taken again prior to being issued a New York state unarmed security license. This eight-hour course will also need to be taken annually in order to keep the unarmed security license up to date; this includes years the license does not need to be renewed in the state of New York.
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New York Armed Security Guard Licensing Requirements

In the state of New York like many other states there is a required amount of training hours in a certified training facility. This training that is required in New York is 8 hours general training, 16 hours of job related training and 47 hours to carry a firearm. The New York Division of Criminal Justice Services, Office of Public Safety, sets these requirements for armed security training.
Licensing is overseen by the New York State Department of State, Division of Licensing Services. The occupational codes for the armed and unarmed security guard in the state of New York is 33-9032 and penal code 400.00.The requirements to be a licensed security guard in this state are:

  • The applicant must be 18 years of age
  • No serious criminal offense convictions
  • The applicant must complete the amount of requested training hours
  • The applicant must successfully complete 47 hours of firearm training
  • Fingerprints will be required
  • An FBI style background check
  • Hold a New York state pistol license

The state of New York requires that there will be an eight-hour in-service annual training course taken yearly in order to hold the New York armed security guard license. The sixteen hour on the job training required must be done within a sixty-day time limit. The only applicants that are exempt from training are police officers, which are active duty and certain other officials. The armed security guard license is valid for two years after receiving the permanent license, as long as the required eight hour per year training course is completed. This is required as long as the applicant holds a New York armed security guard license.

Applicants in the state, which completed their training at a certified facility including training in firearms and deadly physical force prior to being hired as an armed security guard are required to take the eight-hour training course a second time. This must be done prior to applying for their New York state licensing. This also includes the required background check and fingerprinting in order to be issued a permanent state security license.

Training at a certified facility will include materials and training to prepare the applicant to perform the duties of an armed security guard in many industries. This training includes:

  • Legal issues
  • Crowd control
  • Emergency medical including CPR
  • Emergency fire training
  • Firearms training, target and marksmanship
  • Homeland security and counter terrorism training
  • Training in the use of deadly force

There are many employment opportunities for the licensed armed security guard in the state of New York and some are:

  • Security in banks and finance offices
  • Providing security for government offices
  • Airports
  • Train stations
  • Bus stations
  • Museums
  • Art galleries
  • Jewelry and other retail stores
  • Schools and colleges
  • Armored banking vehicles
  • Malls
  • Stock and bond offices

There are other employment opportunities in the state of New York for the licensed armed security guard that will also provide the required sixteen hours of on the job training needed. All these employment opportunities will still require the annual eight hours of training to keep the armed security guard license current, along with renewal every two years.
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