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Hawaii Security Guard Licensing Requirements

Hawaii has complicated and stringent standards. Obtaining a security guard license in Hawaii requires previous experience, cash up front, studying for exams and gathering lots of necessary paperwork. It’s nearly as time-consuming and strict as becoming a police officer. Here’s what you need to know.

  • Graduate from high school or get a GED. Bring proof with you when you apply. Hawaii requires this and that you be at least 18 years old.
  • Have at least four verifiable years of experience as a security guard. To get your license and command more money, you must first work under a licensed guard or guard agency, as a guard for a private employer, as a police officer or as a guard for any government entity. Many people get experience in other states first.
  • Fill out the 17-page security guard application, available in the Resources section. There is a deadline every two months for this application. Call 808-586-3000 and request that application forms be mailed, if you prefer.
  • Get a fingerprint check through the FBI.
  • Get criminal abstracts from every county where you have lived during the past decade.
  • Pay the $50 application fee, plus other miscellaneous license and fingerprint fees that vary depending on the time of year you make your application and how you submit the fingerprints.
  • Be in good physical and mental health and have no criminal convictions.
  • Take and pass a test administered by the Board of Private Detectives and Guards, after your application is reviewed and approved.

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