Oklahoma Security Guards Licensing Requirements

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Oklahoma Unarmed Security Guards Licensing Requirements

State Security Licensing Authorities: Oklahoma

Oklahoma Security Guard License Requirements

The Security Guard license issued by CLEET is a two-year, renewable license.  Applicants wanting to apply for a Security Guard license must first complete the necessary training, submit an application for a license, and undergo a finger print background check. Below are the items you will need to complete a new application.

  •  Application with attachments completed and signature notarized.
  • Certified court Judgment and Sentence or letter of no record for each arrest and/or charge, if applicable. (All questions on page 2 must be answered)
  • Legible CLEET fingerprint cards with all required data
  • Two current passport size color photographs or three if applying for an armed license. Paper or plastic photos are NOT acceptable.
  • Local Police Department and Sheriff Department Record Checks
  • Letter of Employment (if applicable) or Bond/Insurance
  • Agency Application (Required if self-employed Private Investigator)
  • Documented proof of experience or comparable training.
  • Payment amount required. DO NOT MAIL CASH. NO PERSONAL CHECKS. (Money Order, Company Check or Cashier’s Check only).
  • Affidavit of Lawful Presence
  • If not a United States Citizen, verifiable documentation of legal residence

In general, the cost for a Security Guard license is:

  • Unarmed Security Guard: $  91.00
  • Armed Security Guard: $141.00

Information and forms necessary for completing an application for Security Guard, Armed and Unarmed, License.

Required Training
Security Guard Individual Application (PDF)
Affidavit of Lawful Presence
Fingerprint Cards – Click here to request fingerprint cards
Testing Dates