First Responders Police & Security Union FRPSU


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Law Enforcement Officers Security Unions (LEOSU) America’s Newest 9(b)3 Security Union For Law Enforcement Security Police, Special Police, Security Guards, Security Officers & Security Professionals in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Washington DC Capitol Region and throughout the Northeast.

Law Enforcement Officers Security Unions (LEOSU)

LEOSU, Steve Maritas, SPFPA, LEOSU, Security Union

Looking to Join a Law Enforcement Union? Contact LEOSU Organizing Director Steve Maritas Today!


First Responders Police and Security Union, Maryland Security Union

First Responders Police & Security Union (FRPSU) is No Longer in Existence 


The FRPSU is unique in the arena of trade unions.  We have to be.  Conventional labor unions have multiple affiliations with umbrella organizations, such as state & national AFL-CIO.  If we were affiliated with these groups, or represented workers other than security officers; we would not be able to represent you.  Federal law allows you to organize and have a union, but the union must only represent security officers like yourself.  Your unique job, demands a designer niche’ labor union to represent you. 

FRPSU has been representing security officers like you for years.  We are admittedly a small union but with have experienced labor professionals working with us to assure you the best representation possible.  We provide our members with contract negotiations expertise so our collective bargaining outcome is positive.  We support and enforce our negotiated contracts with a labor relations staff to assist and intervene in the grievance process.  We stand up for our members and their rights.  We never forget that our members are  the union.  Henceforth, the union is only as strong as its membership.


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