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When Rob Gronkowski got involved at Wrestlemania 33 to help out his friend Mojo Rawley, he was held up by a security guard who had no idea what was going on. Later, she had to be told not to worry, there is no zombie breakout going on and The Undertaker is not actually, in fact, a dead man.

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Rob Gronkowski vs. the World’s Best Security Guard Was the Highlight of ‘WrestleMania’

Observer – ‎Apr 3, 2017‎
Pro wrestling is especially great when the lines between real and (sigh) fake blur into a magical stew of absurdity and spandex. Or, hell, on the magical occasion when someone straight up doesn’t get the memo. Case in point: Rob Gronkowski vs. a

Did this security guard miss the memo?

NEWS.com.au – ‎Apr 2, 2017‎
It looked like the security guard was completely oblivious to Gronkowski’s role in the event. Unlike much of what you see in the ring, this actually looked real. However, we know anything’s possible in the wrestling world, so who’s to say the WWE didn

Security Guard Had No Clue Gronk Was a Part of Wrestlemania; Proceeds to Restrain Him (VIDEO)

Total Pro Sports – ‎Apr 3, 2017‎
Sunday at Wrestlemania, New England Patriots TE Rob Gronkowski was in attendance for the sport’s biggest show of the year in Orlando and no one had a clue he would actually be in the ring. During the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal, Gronkowski’s …

WrestleMania 33 security guard almost refused to let Gronk help Mojo Rawley

GiveMeSport – ‎Apr 3, 2017‎
There was a huge surprise in store on the WrestleMania 33 pre-show on Sunday night, as a fourth man etched his name on to the trophy by winning the Andre the Giant memorial battle royal. Rather surprisingly, it was SmackDown LIVE’s Mojo Rawley that …

Apparently, Nobody Let This Security Guard Know Wrestling Is Fake

The Interrobang – ‎Apr 3, 2017‎
When Rob Gronkowski got involved at Wrestlemania 33 to help out his friend Mojo Rawley, he was held up by a security guard who had no idea what was going on. Later, she had to be told not to worry, there is no zombie breakout going on and The …

Rob Gronkowski Reportedly Discussed WWE WrestleMania 33 Cameo with Patriots

Bleacher Report – ‎Apr 3, 2017‎
Gronkowski responded by hopping the barricade—not before a well-intentioned security guard could briefly get in the way—and then shoulder-trucking Mahal to the ground. Rawley would go on to win the battle royal and celebrate with Gronkowski in the ring.

Rob Gronkowski hits the ring at Wrestlemania

NBCSports.com – ‎Apr 2, 2017‎
Dean did play college football with a Gronkowski brother and then played in the pros a bit before going into Wrestling. Just good cross promotion. I think the security guard that tried to stop Gronk from entering the ring was Rhonda Rousey. She needs

The Gronk Makes Cameo in You Can’t Have It

Get More Sports (blog) – ‎1 hour ago‎
Although I have to ask, did the female security guard who push Gronk back really know that he was supposed to be in the ring? She looked super serious. If it was part of the act, she really sold it very well. LOL. Looks like Gronk wants to get a career

Rob Gronkowski jumps in the ring at WrestleMania

Arizona Desert Swarm – ‎Apr 2, 2017‎
I think the best part of this is the security guard obviously has no idea that this was part of the script, and the referees have to run over to tell her what’s happening. We hope you enjoyed the latest chapter of everyone’s favorite former Wildcat

Gronk Had a Very Gronk Sunday

Esquire.com – ‎Apr 3, 2017‎
… buddy Mojo Rawley got pummeled by Jinder Mahal—until Mahal turned to the Patriots tight end and started chirping him directly. WWE being WWE, it ended with Gronk storming over the barricade, past a maybe-in-on-the-bit security guard, and into the

New England Patriots player gets his Mojo going at WrestleMania

Miami Herald – ‎Apr 3, 2017‎
WWE WrestleMania returned to City Beautiful at Camping World Stadium, formerly the Orlando Citrus Bowl, on Sunday, April 2, and New England Patriots tight end and WWE fan Rob ‘Gronk’ Gronkowski got involved in the 33rd version of the Super Bowl of …

Rob Gronkowski’s WrestleMania involvement was reportedly approved by his NFL team

ProWrestling.net – ‎Apr 3, 2017‎
Powell’s POV: That female security guard opposed it for a few seconds there! Gronk eventually entered the ring and delivered a big shoulder block to Jinder Mahal, which led to Mojo Rawley winning the Andre the Giant memorial battle royal. The angle has …

WrestleMania: What we learned

SkySports – ‎Apr 3, 2017‎
That interference helped Gronk’s old friend Mojo Rawley throw Mahal over the top rope to win the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal, his biggest achievement in WWE. Well, I say ‘don’t mess with Gronk’, a special mention is needed to the security
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