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I am applying for jobs around where I live in West Virginia. I have filled out the application and did the recorded interview questions. I automated/robot recruiter said I pass that portion and should expect instructions for a live interview. I have not been contacted by phone or online or text. I have also tried to contact my closest branch office, but that number seem to be out of service. I have also left messages in the Pittsburgh office asking for help. Not response either. Is there anyone in this group that can help me?
Thank you
A few reasons…the officers may have more time at the site (if it has a progressive pay scale)…someone in your chain of command never submitted the proper paperwork someone figured that since your willing to do the job for less money, why give it to you.
Hello…am new year G4S Cameroon/AFRICA …How do i get a work permit or employment for Allied Universal in USA Or EUROPE…Any link?
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