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Bobby Daniels Security Guard

CNN security guard killed by cops ‘as he tried to grab gun from the hands of his disturbed son’

  • Bobby Daniels, 48, was killed by police on Monday as family says he tried to swat away a gun that his mentally disturbed son was reaching for
  • Cops shot him twice and he died
  • Police say that Daniels pointed the gun at them, but his family and an eyewitness vehemently deny it
  • Witness says that Daniels was trying to swat the gun away from his son’s hand to protect his son and the officers 
  • ‘He was trying to protect his son and the officers’ said a witness to the shooting 

Family of off-duty CNN guard seeks answers after shooting

CNN – ‎19 hours ago‎
But a lawyer representing Bobby Daniels’ family says the 48-year-old off-duty security guard never pointed a gun at officers and was struggling to stop his son from getting a hold of the weapon when a deputy shot him dead last Monday. “Bobby Daniels

CNN security guard Bobby Daniels killed by cops ‘as he tried to grab gun’

Daily Mail – ‎Dec 27, 2015‎
According to the Washington Post, Daniels got to the scene before the cops did and managed to talk his son, who had since let the security guard go, to put down his weapon on the roof of a car. When cops arrived, they reportedly attempted to stun gun

Hero security guard defuses hostage situation only to be fatally shot by late

Raw Story – ‎Dec 26, 2015‎
Bobby Daniels was a peace officer by trade – a private security guard employed at CNN’s headquarters in Atlanta. When he learned that his emotionally troubled 25-year-old son Bias had suffered a breakdown and was holding a fellow security guard at …

Hero security guard fatally shot by cops while defusing hostage situation

The Grio – ‎Dec 27, 2015‎
Bobby Daniels sprang into action the moment he heard that his son, 25-year-old Bias, has suffered a mental breakdown and was holding a security guard hostage. As a private peace officer, Daniels was skilled in de-escalation and was able to put those

Conflicting accounts about deadly police shooting

Guns.com – ‎Dec 27, 2015‎
The caller, a security guard at the mobile home park, told deputies he had been held at gunpoint by a man while making his rounds. Then a Daniels family member approached and told deputies the whereabouts of a man with a gun — Bias — located just the …

Man Fatally Shot by Deputy While Trying to Disarm His Son

The Root – ‎Dec 27, 2015‎
21 about an armed suspect holding a security guard hostage at a mobile home park. The Georgia Bureau of Investigation said the officers witnessed Daniels, 48, and his 25-year-old son Bias Daniels struggling over a gun. The officers fired a Taser at

Bobby Daniels shooting: Police gun down father trying to calm down his

The Independent – ‎Dec 27, 2015‎
They said Bobby Daniels was a Navy veteran who had for years been employed as a security guard at CNN’s Atlanta headquarters and another building run by Turner Broadcasting and that he was an avid defender of law enforcement. “My husband would …

In USA: Man fatally shot by Police was helping distressed son

Press Telegraph (blog) – ‎17 hours ago‎
Unlike police officers, who are protected by “qualified immunity” and have no legally enforceable duty to protect an individual citizen, private security guards are fully accountable, both in civil and criminal terms, for any injury they inflict on

Georgia man’s family says cops killed him while he tried to keep gun away from son

Raw Story – ‎Dec 25, 2015‎
Stewart said that Daniels, a security guard for CNN and Navy veteran, died while trying to protect Douglas County sheriffs deputies from his 25-year-old son, Bias Daniels, during a hostage situation at a mobile home park in Douglasville. However
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