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Security guards, Jack Nicklaus, Masters

‘Can I see your badge’: Security guard doesn’t recognize golfing legend at Masters.

Video posted on Nicklaus’ Facebook page shows he was asked for his ID badge at a security checkpoint while driving down the famous Magnolia Lane leading into the Augusta grounds.

‘Can I see your badge’: Security guard doesn’t recognize golfing legend at Masters

KHOU.com – ‎Apr 6, 2016‎
Welcome, welcome,” the security guard says. “You don’t need to scan that, do you?” Nicklaus says. “No, sir, I sure don’t,” the security guard says. Nicklaus continues down Magnolia Lane, surprising another security guard along the way when he tells the …

Jack Nicklaus Shows Up to 2016 Masters, Security Guard Doesn’t Recognize Legend

Bleacher Report – ‎22 hours ago‎
While the people at the gate knew who Nicklaus was, a security guard down the road did not recognize the golf legend—so he asked for ID. The security guard appeared to be a little embarrassed once he realized who Nicklaus was, but the golfing legend …

WATCH: Masters security guard asks Jack Nicklaus for identification at Augusta National

NJ.com – ‎22 hours ago‎
“It took me a minute to recognize you,” one guard says, leaning in to shake Nicklaus’ hand. (You could almost see this happening: “Jack Nicholson? Hey, I loved you in ‘A Few Good Men!'”) Said Nicklaus: “I’m gettin’ old, it’s okay.” Randy Miller may be

Security guards don’t recognize Jack Nicklaus at Masters

12news.com – ‎Apr 6, 2016‎
AUGUSTA, Ga. – Are you headed to the Masters Tournament this weekend in Augusta? Be forewarned: security is tight. How tight? Even six-time Masters champion Jack Nicklaus got stopped by guards as he made his way down Magnolia Drive.

Security guards at Augusta National stopped Jack Nicklaus, then realized who he was

For The Win – ‎Apr 6, 2016‎
Jack Nicklaus has won 18 majors. He’s won the Masters six times. No one else is as decorated a golfer. But sometimes, being the GOAT isn’t enough to let you breeze by security: When he drove down Magnolia Lane to the storied Augusta National Golf Club …

2016 Masters: Even Jack Nicklaus gets stopped by security (video)

Syracuse.com – ‎22 hours ago‎
Nicklaus was gracious with the security guard and said he was just doing his job. At a third checkpoint, another sheriff didn’t recognize Nicklaus at first, but then quickly told him that he could go wherever he liked. Another voice in the car could be

Even Jack Nicklaus has trouble with Masters security

ESPN – ‎Apr 5, 2016‎
“Mine?” Nicklaus replied. “Yes sir,” the security guard answered, as he reached over to grab Nicklaus’ badge. Once he realized who it was, the tone of the conversation quickly changed. “Oh, how you doing?” the security guard asked. The man apologized

Even Jack Nicklaus gets stopped and questioned by security at the Masters

SB Nation – ‎Apr 5, 2016‎
Magnolia Lane may be the hardest road to access in Georgia. The gate is always closed and a frostysecurity guard is always at the ready. If you try to check out streetview on Google Maps, all you get is a picture of a security guard chasing the Google

Video: Masters security’s epic Jack Nicklaus fail

Fox Sports – ‎Apr 6, 2016‎
That wasn’t the only time Nicklaus went unrecognised. The third security guard further up the road also took a second to realise who was driving the car. After noticing it was Nicklaus, the security guard told him, “You go wherever you’d like, young man.”.

Even Jack Nicklaus had a hard time getting through security at Augusta National

WSB Atlanta – ‎16 hours ago‎
The security guard appeared to be a little embarrassed once he realized who Nicklaus was, but the golfing legend respected the fact that the security guard was just doing his job, The Bleacher Report said. The video ended with another voice in the car

WATCH: Even Jack Nicklaus gets stopped by Masters security

NBC4i.com – ‎Apr 6, 2016‎
guard then had a sudden realization who he was talking to, and his tone quickly changed. “Oh, how you doing?” the guard asked before apologizing. Nicklaus had a good sense of humor and simply said the guard was just doing his job as he moved along.

Golf legend Jack Nicklaus runs into security snafu at Augusta

Cleveland 19 News – ‎4 hours ago‎
According to ESPN, Nicklaus was on his way to the champion’s dinner at Augusta National. Nicklaus arrived at the second security checkpoint and the security guard did not recognize him. This led to a humorous moment for both sides. The Masters begins

Not Even Jack Nicklaus Gets Through Masters Security Without Being Stopped

NESN.com – ‎Apr 6, 2016‎
Upon reaching the security gate, however, one of the guards asked for Nicklaus’ security badge. Protocol appears to dictate each badge be scanned, which seemed to take Nicklaus by surprise. The unsuspecting security guard, however, quickly realized he …

WATCH: Take a seat in Jack Nicklaus’ car as he drives down Magnolia Lane

CBSSports.com – ‎Apr 5, 2016‎
Greeted by another security guard, Nicklaus is asked for his badge and hesitates for a moment as he’s obviously used to just being recognized. The worker, just trying to do his job and scan Nicklaus in like he does everyone, suddenly sees Jack’s name

WATCH: Even Jack Nicklaus has trouble with Masters security

NJ.com – ‎22 hours ago‎
The guard, finally realizing that he was looking at the greatest golfer in the history of the sport, decided that Nicklaus could, in fact, pass without having his badge scanned. The guard was then immediately fired and barred from ever crossing the

Gary Player, 80, Hits Hole-In-One And Jack Nicklaus Has Amusing Run-In WithSecurity At The Masters

Huffington Post Australia – ‎16 hours ago‎
First of all, Jack Nicklaus had issues getting in. Nicklaus is a six-time Masters champ whose wins span three decades at Augusta National. The man many consider the greatest golfer of all time is a well-known face around the place. The first security

Getting into the Masters is not easy — even for Jack Nicklaus

Sporting News – ‎Apr 6, 2016‎
The first checkpoint includes a jovial conversation about barbecue, the next features a lengthy apology from a security guard who doesn’t immediately recognize the 76-year old and at the final stop shows a sheriff telling Nicklaus he can go wherever he

Masters champion Jack Nicklaus takes you behind the scenes at Augusta National

The Denver Post (blog) – ‎Apr 5, 2016‎
… champion Jack Nicklaus takes you behind the scenes while driving down Magnolia Lane at Augusta National Golf Club. Nicklaus was on his way to the Champions Dinner Tuesday night when he was stopped by two sheriffs and a security guard who didn’t …

Jack Nicklaus Goes Unrecognized By Augusta National Security

The Post Game – ‎Apr 6, 2016‎
The first set of guards are in awe of Nicklaus, and one police officer arguably overstays his welcome with the six-time Masters champ, talking about a barbecue dinner that may or may not happen. The guard at the second checkpoint forces Nicklaus to

Here’s what it’s like to be Jack Nicklaus at Augusta National

info-europa – ‎9 hours ago‎
After clearing the first security checkpoint to a delighted state trooper, Nicklaus pulls up to another on Magnolia Lane when a security guard approaches his vehicle.”Can I see your badge”, the security guard asks him.While Nicklaus is breezing into

Jack Nicklaus Gets Asked for ID at Augusta

Golficity (blog) – ‎Apr 6, 2016‎
Yesterday Jack Nicklaus posted a nice behind-the-scenes video as he pulled through the gates of Augusta and up Magnolia Lane. As Jack initially pulls through the gate, the first set of securityclearly knows who he is, with head of security telling

Nicklaus talks the 6 toughest shots at Augusta National

State of the State KS (subscription) – ‎3 hours ago‎
Nicklaus was gracious with the security guard and said he was just doing his job. “More poignant would be the way I would describe it. More lively; the legends spoke up a little bit and there was some emotion and there was some laughter and sadness

Mall security guard charged with credit card fraud, theft

Channel3000.com – WISC-TV32 hours ago
A recent credit card theft at Valley View Mall in La Crosse is a proving to be a good reminder to watch your bank statements.

Story image for security guard from PINAC News

Texas Security Guard Assaults Man Who Walks Out of Walmart with

PINAC NewsApr 6, 2016
The security guard tried to walk away but the man started following him, accusing him of assault, demanding his name and badge number.


Security guard stabbed inside Akron hospital credits God, wife and

newsnet5.com20 hours ago
AKRON, Ohio – Shortly after security guard Art Belcher was stabbed by a patient in the psychiatric ward of Summa St. Thomas Hospital, nurses …


This security guard represents everyone’s reaction to Villanova’s

SB NationApr 4, 2016
The shot deserved a big reaction and this security guard is an accurate portrayal for most viewers watching the game.


Man Argues Rights With Walmart Security Guard (Video)

Opposing Views15 hours ago
An unidentified man argued with a Walmart security guard on April 2 inside a store in San Antonio, Texas, and filmed the exchange (video …


Unruly Woman Peed on Casino Security Guard: Cops

Patch.comApr 5, 2016
Security guards reportedly asked Romero to leave and she initially went along with their wishes, but then abruptly changed her mind.


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WFTV OrlandoApr 5, 2016
The arrested included a football coach at Central Florida in Orlando, a Disney security guard and a married technician from Florida Hospital in …
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